Reshaping Wellington's future

Towards 2040: Smart Capital sets out a vision for the future of Wellington City – a vision that builds on the city’s existing strengths – such as its natural beauty, vibrancy, compactness, close-knit communities and great people – while raising the bar higher.

It’s a vision for a city that puts people first – a place that is welcoming and friendly, provides opportunities for all, strong neighbourhoods and communities, and embraces differences and changes.

It’s a vision for a smarter and stronger economy – one that is based on knowledge, skill and innovation; that provides a wider range of exciting and rewarding jobs; that leads to greater prosperity, and is based on stronger connections between people and businesses both within the city and around the world.

It’s a vision for Wellington as a leading eco-city – one that moves steadily towards a low-carbon future based on ‘green’ innovations that also provide an economic edge and support an outstanding quality of life.

Above all, it’s a vision that positions Wellington for the future – one that's smart and sustainable.