Making It Happen

Fireworks display over Wellington harbour

Wellington 2040: it’s up to us

Wellington’s success in the future depends on the collective choices we make today, as leaders and as a community. Because of our ability to respond to the challenges of the past, and the strategic choices we made, Wellington is in relatively good shape today.

However, we can’t afford to take the next 30 years for granted. Achieving the vision for Wellington requires every one of us to step up, to fully realise our city’s potential.

It’s time to make that choice.

Implementing the vision

Becoming a more people-centred city, a connected city, an eco-city, and a place with a dynamic centre will depend on the coordinated efforts of individuals, communities, mana whenua and local iwi, businesses, government and non-government organisations, as well as the Council.

Below are some initial suggestions for what the city could do in terms of the way forward. These are by no means exhaustive, and other ideas for action will be sought from the wider community and stakeholders as part of ongoing engagement around the vision.