Better connected waterfront

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Wellington’s waterfront is continually rated by Wellington’s residents as one of the city’s greatest features.  For the waterfront to succeed, however, it needs to be used by large numbers of people both during the week as well as in the weekends.  For this to happen, there needs to be easy to find, intuitive and frequent links between the city and the waterfront.

This project involves creating better connections from the city to the waterfront.  One way to achieve this is to relate the different areas within the waterfront with different functions in order to better connect these parts with their adjacent streets.  For example, Te Papa and its surrounding area is a cultural quarter.  The role and identity for this area could be made clearer.  Likewise, the central waterfront and Pipitea areas have the potential to be more clearly defined and their links to the city made more explicit.  Jervois Quay currently acts as a barrier to the waterfront.  Much like the boulevard streets in Te Aro, Jervois Quay is more corridor than a space for people.  Ensuring the connections across this street are clear will help link it better with the waterfront and back into the city.