Green Infrastructure

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Green infrastructure is the interconnected network of open spaces and natural areas, such as parks, reserves, wetlands and native plant vegetation, that naturally manages storm water, reduces flooding risk and improves water quality. Green infrastructure usually costs less to install and maintain when compared to traditional forms of infrastructure.

There are opportunities to incorporate more green infrastructure into Wellington’s central city.  This is in keeping with Wellington’s aspiration to become an eco-city and will contribute to Wellington becoming a model for sustainable living.

This project involves rethinking the open space network throughout the city, both at a small and large scale.  In effect it is about the whole city being a park made up of interconnected parts.  It would require:

  • planning for new and innovative ways to clean and retain water within the network before it discharges into the harbour
  • creating strategies for boulevards and stream streets, incorporating new tree planting
  • advocating for changes to codes to encourage green buildings as standard
  • encouraging green roofs in walls in new developments (both private and public).