Laneways Regeneration

Over time laneways create their own distinctive character. Modeling shows those that are likely to be most viable for retail and those that are suited to residential locations.

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Laneways are small streets that offer pedestrians, vehicles and cyclists alternative routes through larger street blocks, bring light into potentially dark areas, offer views of nearby landscapes and provide sheltered routes in bad weather.  They make movement easy and quicker and encourage people to get out and about more.  This increases opportunities for people to interact with each other making street life more vibrant and safe and creating opportunities for retail and other activity to thrive. 

Wellington already has a network of small streets linking parts of Te Aro and between Lambton Quay and The Terrace.  There is scope however to improve these links and to create a network of highly distinctive, attractive, pedestrian friendly, safe and viable laneways. 

The success will require both public and private commitment.  The aims is to prioritise those that are most important to the network, work with property owners and developers to encourage better design and land use and embed a regulatory environment that supports this.