Triangular Spaces

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Triangular spaces in urban environments are highly prized because they represent a junction of more than two streets, offering wider, more interesting views and a vantage point from which to understand where you are in the city.   They make cities easier to navigate and therefore more walkable.

Wellington’s central city has an abundance of triangular spaces which were created where the original city street grid met the old shoreline.  They make a significant contribution to the central city’s compact, pedestrian friendly form and tell an important story about the way Wellington has changed over time. 

They are also reasonably rare and distinctive.

This idea involves redesigning the following five key triangular spaces to make the most of their special features and strategic locations.  These redevelopments will improve connections to the waterfront and other civic spaces, create more quality cultural and performance spaces, and revitalise parts of the city.

  1. Te Aro Park: could be better integrated into Cuba Mall and offer a performance space.
  2. Michael Fowler Centre Car Park: could be a new civic space which revitalises the entry to the Michael Fowler Centre and better connects the city to the waterfront.
  3. The intersection of Victoria and Wakefield Streets:  could better connect two significant streets to Civic Square, the Central Library and Council offices.  
  4. The intersection of Lambton Quay and Hunter Street: could better emphasise the important heritage buildings here and improve the intersection of three important streets.
  5. Post Office Square: could offer a more attractive open space with good links to the waterfront.