A ‘green economy’

Developing the ‘green dividend’ for Wellington… A city with a ‘green economy’

There are significant potential economic opportunities that can follow Wellington embracing an eco-city approach:

  • By building on its skilled knowledge base, creative industries and services sector to capitalise on a world economy that is becoming increasingly ‘weightless’ – with a focus on generating high-value, low-carbon products and services.
  • By taking advantage of opportunities for innovation and job creation while transitioning to a lower-carbon city, such as through retrofitting homes and offices and trialling new solutions to comply with green building standards.
  • By partnering on global solutions in the area of renewable energy and sustainable urban development with others in the region, nationally and overseas.
  • By developing lifestyle features attractive to skilled and talented migrants.

However, being ‘green’ will require us to incorporate environmental values into all areas of economic activity.  Businesses – in line with the city as a whole – will need to be sustainable in their use of resources such as energy and water, and to minimise or if possible eliminate waste.  They will need to incorporate ecological principles into their business models – to ‘walk the talk’.  This will be important for their competitiveness – their ability to attract customers, investors, and staff.

Our considerable local renewable energy resources, including wind and tidal, can provide a focus for innovation partnerships – including developing Wellington as a testing ground for new and developing clean-technologies.  This will require commitment from the business sector, research organisations and, also, from local authorities and central government in the development of international connections.

Wellington as a city with a green economy will:

  • Continue to grow the city’s knowledge-based, creative, industries as part of a ‘green weightless’ economy
  • Encourage businesses to integrate sustainability into their business models
  • Develop innovation partnerships to explore the potential of Wellington’s renewable energy resources and emerging green technologies