Unique Suburbs

Grow the unique identities of our suburbs

The areas outside of Wellington’s CBD have little in common with the image of  the quiet, dormitory ‘suburbs’ as experienced outside of the centre of many other cities around the world.  All have their own distinctive characteristics, identity and ‘feel’.

Wellington’s suburban areas will continue to be strengthened to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse population and supported to continue to develop their own identities.  We need a variety of residential options, ease of travel around the city, access to amenities – social, cultural and natural – to retain Wellington’s reputation for a high quality of life; make Wellington a place where talent wants to live; and support people to access different lifestyle options over different stages of their life.

Understanding factors that influence housing affordability and cost of living in the city will be important to ensuring future population diversity.

Retaining and reinforcing the vibrancy of our urban areas while planning for population growth means thinking and acting deliberately to build and sustain local and community-level infrastructure – such as that planned for Johnsonville, Newtown-Adelaide Road and Kilbirnie.  Planning for growth will also require a balance between preserving the features and character of an area with the need to change and evolve to meet the needs of future populations.

Growing the unique identities of our suburbs will mean:

  • Support for mixed residential, commercial, social and cultural activities in Wellington’s suburban areas
  • Strong links and access to good transport options between suburban areas and the CBD and other parts of the city
  • Understanding factors that influence housing affordability and cost of living to ensure the city can support a dynamic and diverse population.