Open and welcoming

An open and welcoming city

Wellington has successfully developed itself as a ‘Creative Capital’ with a strong creative sector.  People are drawn to the city’s vibrancy and diversity.  Experience around the globe tells us that cities with strong creative identities need to be active in their efforts to attract new people into the city – to live, work or visit.  New people bring new ideas, innovations and investments.  They support a continued creative dynamic for Wellington.

Wellington’s future success in attracting new talent and investments will require us to work actively to be an open and welcoming city.  In practice this means a city easy to do business in, attractive to new migrants, connected internationally, and tolerant of population diversity. 

Creative and knowledge-based companies need talented and innovative individuals to work for them.  Wellington businesses like Weta, Icebreaker and Sidhe need to be able to access a labour force that reflects the kind of quality jobs we want in the city.

Increased population diversity in a city can have an impact on social cohesion.  We need to support activities that help people feel connected to one another and to their city.  Wellington needs to be a city that can support and integrate a diversity of people, not just attract them.

To be an 'open' and welcoming city, Wellington needs to:

  • Understand what attracts people, ideas and investment to the city – economic, social and cultural
  • Be welcoming of diversity and new populations in the city and understand how diversity can drive success
  • Support social and economic integration of diverse populations.