Economic engine-room

Supporting the central city as economic engine-room of the wider Wellington city and region

Fifty-two percent of the Wellington region’s GDP is generated in the Wellington CBD and 68 percent of all Wellington City employment is located in the central city.  The central city provides the focus for the majority of tourist activity in the wider city and region and hosts significant regional amenities. 

The continued growth of a dynamic and vibrant city centre will benefit the whole city and the wider Wellington region.  This will require deliberate investment and the development of strong links (physical, economic, cultural) between the central city, the wider city and the region.

Wellington’s economy is built around knowledge, creativity and services.  We are home to the Government, to many of New Zealand’s most prized cultural institutions, to many banks and financial institutions, to several tertiary institutions and research organisations and to a wide range of businesses that get their edge from creativity or innovation.

Wellington’s people are highly educated and highly mobile.  Many were born overseas and are migrants to Wellington.  What attracts them here is Wellington’s lifestyle – embodied in our compact central city – accessible, vibrant, creative and dynamic.  We will need to continue to grow the varied range of workplaces, entertainment offerings, arts and culture assets and residential options that underpin the lifestyle features that attract the talent we need in Wellington.

The strength of the central city is the people, ideas and investments that flow in and out of the city daily.  We need a better understanding of the partnerships, linkages and interdependencies between the central city, the wider Wellington city-region, nationally and beyond, to realise the full potential of our unique and dynamic central city environment.

Supporting the central city as Wellington’s economic engine-room means:

  • Continuing to invest in growing economic activity in the central city for the benefit of the wider city and region
  • Protecting and growing the lifestyle features offered by the central city that makes Wellington ‘a place where talent wants to live’
  • Developing a better understanding of the partnerships and interdependencies between the central city and the wider city and region, nationally and internationally that support Wellington’s economy.