Eco City

Makara wind farm

Toward 2040: A Smart Capital recognises that developing Wellington as an eco-city means proactively responding to environmental challenges. It is important that Wellington takes an environmental leadership role, as capital city of clean and green New Zealand. Our many natural assets give the city a head-start and opportunities as part of a green economy.

Goals for an eco-city

Approach to developing Wellington as an eco-city
Shared commitment from all stakeholders to Wellington’s future as an eco-city, understand the incentives for change, and provide leadership at regional, national and international levels. 

Infrastructure to create a secure and resilient city
Investing in infrastructure to build resilience to climate change impacts, sea level rise and unexpected natural events and the development of smart infrastructure.

Build sustainability into Wellington’s urban environment
Innovative building design and transport infrastructure, support for ‘domestic-based’ infrastructure including energy generation and the protection of green infrastructure to protect our biodiversity and offset carbon emissions.

A city with a green economy
Continue to grow knowledge-based, creative, industries as part of a green economy, encourage sustainable business models, and explore the potential of Wellington’s renewable energy resources and green technologies.

Why an eco-city?

Unprecedented environmental and resource challenges

We need to develop Wellington as an eco-city by understanding how urban development decisions can support our sustainability and resilience to the impacts of climate change and threats to our biodiversity.

Cities need to lead the response to these challenges

Wellington, with its natural environment, access to green space, and abundant natural resources is well-placed to show leadership to ensure we play our part in protecting New Zealand’s ‘clean and green’ image.

Wellington has a head start on a more green future

Wellington’s small carbon footprint and environmental outlook, combined with new smart technologies, can position us as a green city, to drive economic opportunities, R&D connections and Wellington leadership in green innovation.