Toward 2040: A Smart Wellington

What does smart mean for Wellington?

Wellington as a smart city acknowledges our highly-skilled, creative population; recognises how new technologies and innovations will help us to respond to future economic, sustainability and resource challenges; and reflects a set of values that underpins much of what is distinctive about the character of the city.

To be smart, Wellington will continue to value and support the growth of our highly skilled population and access to world-class education. We will understand and exploit our smart assets (R&D, new technologies), which will drive our economic performance and help us to protect and sustain Wellington’s high quality of life. We will encourage smart urban design that contributes to efficient, effective and environmentally sustainable results.

It also means building Wellington’s resilience for the future, and will influence the investments we make, how we build and create things, and how we go about our daily lives.  It is about understanding the relationship between a strong environment and a strong economy.  We need to find ways to do things more efficiently if we want to sustain our quality of life and support a strong economy.

Wellington has the potential to build on its significant green assets to make a green approach an opportunity. This can create economic advantage and will be a strong statement of the values that underpin the city’s strategic positioning.