Connected City

City tunnel lights

Toward 2040: A Smart Capital sees Wellington as a connected city, with easy access to regional, national and global networks. Connections will be physical, allowing for ease of movement of people and goods; virtual, in the form of world-class ICT infrastructure; and social, enabling people to connect with each other and their communities.

Goals for a connected city

Supporting effective and efficient infrastructure
Understand our future infrastructure needs, continue to improve the city’s public transport and pedestrian/cycling infrastructure and develop a sustainable funding model.

City-to-city connections, nationally and internationally
A collaborative approach to inter-city relationships based on developing connections, rather than competing, and understand Wellington’s unique role in national and international networks.

City and regional connections that drive economic growth and innovation
An environment that encourages collaboration over competition, and industry strategies that identify the links between research, development, production, and commercialisation.

International connections to support market access and knowledge exchange
Use Wellington’s arts and events successes to increase our profile internationally, and work with our national institutions, embassies and consulates to connect to markets and knowledge.


Why a connected city?

Cities are becoming more important

In the evolving global economy, the pressure is on high-wage economies like New Zealand to produce high-value goods and services. For a small city like Wellington to be seen among the bigger players we need to change our game plan – from competition to collaboration.

We need strong connections within the city

Proximity and the ease and frequency of face-to-face interactions underpin Wellington’s creativity and innovation. We need a better understanding of this dynamic and how to maximise the potential of city-wide connections.

We need strong connections regionally, nationally and internationally

By world standards, Wellington is a small city in a small country. So we need to become a connected city – networked regionally, nationally and internationally – to attract people, ideas and investment, and access to larger economies.