People Centred City

People at a café in Cuba Street

Toward 2040: A Smart Capital recognises that Wellington’s people are the city’s greatest asset. Wellington’s shape and character will continue to reflect the people who live in, work in, and visit the city. The city will be healthy, vibrant, affordable and resilient, with a strong sense of identity and ‘place’ expressed through urban form, openness and accessibility.

Goals for a people-centred city

Recognise and celebrate the role of Māori in the city
Acknowledge Wellington whānau, hapū and iwi as important partners in the cultural, social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the City and celebrate our relationships with Māori.

Grow the unique identities of our suburbs
Support residential, commercial and cultural activities in suburban areas, build strong links between suburban areas and the CBD, and support a dynamic and diverse population.

Active communities that support innovation and resilience
Develop spaces and places (physical and virtual) to for communities to engage with each other and to support participation and engagement in city-level decision-making.

An open and welcoming city
Find out what attracts people, ideas and investment to Wellington – economic, social and cultural – welcome diversity and understand how it can drive success.

Wellington as a ‘smart’ city
Use new technologies to improve city infrastructure, amenities and natural resource use and develop ‘smart’ infrastructure to support creative economic growth and quality jobs.

Healthy and safe communities
Understand how urban design and built form interacts with the climate and Wellington’s environment and respond to how people use, move around and engage in the city.

Why a people-centred city?

Our people are our greatest asset
No one knows more about a place and how it functions than the people who live and work there. We need to increase the transparency and accountability of decision-making and provide opportunities for greater involvement in city developments.

Global competition and increasing quality of life demands
Wellington’s people are highly skilled and mobile. We need to create a city that delivers a high ‘quality of life’ for new migrants and current residents or we risk losing them to other parts of the globe.

Celebrating diversity and promoting social resilience
New populations support the growth and sustainability of creative, knowledge-based cities. They provide connections to new ideas, networks and knowledge. People feel more connected to their city and community when that diversity is reflected visibly in the city.