Unfolding Future

Why think about Wellington in 2040

The city will be different.  The facts below illustrate that point. How should we respond to these milestones and changes is the key question.

  • 200 years since the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi
  • 175 years since the city became the nation’s capital
  • 55 thousand more people living here
  • 9 additional ‘Brooklyns’ – an equivalent indication of the scale of population growth
  • 20+ thousand estimated new dwellings required to accommodate growth
  • 25+ percent of the city’s population that will be new (that don’t live here in 2011)
  • 50 percent of the workforce will have grown up with Facebook or the next generation of communications
  • 68 percent the proportion of the region’s growth that will occur in Wellington City
  • 2 million people – the projected size of Auckland

Other Trends

The megatrends outline how a combination of trends is likely to emerge.  Wellington 2040 aims to position the city in way that makes the most of the challenges and opportunities these present.