Digital destination

One of the key drivers of the Wellington 2040 project has been to consider trends that are likely to play out in the future.  The aim has not been to predict the future but instead consider where the combination of trends is likely to create tensions or changes that could plausibly impact on the city.  

The research identified six mega trends including:

i-City: public interactions and personal exchanges will be mediated by new technology.

Key themes:

  • Web at the centre of everyday life.
  • Social networking plus low cost anytime/ anywhere interaction.
  • Personalised and instant access to information.
  • Marketing focused on ‘experience’ not just the product.

Underlying drivers:

  • Device convergence: we’ll be able to do more and more from our personal handheld devices.
  • Social networking: continued growth in the instant exchange of information and views with retailers and service providers seeking out repeat custom and positive customer feedback.
  • Consumer culture: businesses will capitalise on the ability to market themselves to individual consumers in more sophisticated ways.
  • Digital natives: a whole generation of youth who have grown up with tools such as Facebook as normal means of social interaction.
  • Digital transfer: the easy movement of data around the world and developments in production processes (ie additive processes like 3D printing) reduces Wellington’s distance from the rest of the world.
  • Exponential growth of new technologies.

Some emerging futures:

  • Mobile technology has the potential to bring people together with greater ease than ever before, and in ways that challenge our current understanding of how cities work. See:
  • The movers and shakers of the future will be those who grew up with the internet, mobile technology and social networking as the norm, and who will come to dominate the market-place.